Trump And His Invisible Wall

We’re not prone to sending our clients links to published articles, but this one caught our attention.

Rachel Morris wrote about the challenges that immigrants and their advocates are facing in the Trump era in the most recent Huffpost online.

Her article perfectly captures the behind the scenes efforts the administration is making, without Congressional action, to make the immigration system less user friendly:

In the two years and 308 days that Donald Trump has been president, his administration has constructed far more effective barriers to immigration. No new laws have actually been passed. This transformation has mostly come about through subtle administrative shifts—a phrase that vanishes from an internal manual, a form that gets longer, an unannounced revision to a website, a memo, a footnote in a memo. Among immigration lawyers, the cumulative effect of these procedural changes is known as the invisible wall.”

We’re dealing with the results of these actions on a daily basis, and we’re committed to doing what it takes to help our clients successfully navigate the immigration system