Department of State Announces DV 2008 Visa Lottery

The Immigration Service has announced that effective August 28, 2006 Premium Processing service will be available to a limited number of I-140 Employment Based Immigrant Visa Petitions.

Specifically, only I-140’s seeking classification in the E3 Professional (positions requiring at least a Bachelors Degree) and E3 Skilled Worker (positions requiring at least two years of experience) are eligible at this time.

For an additional filing fee of $1,000, Petitioners are guaranteed an initial review of their petition within 15 calendar days of receipt. The initial review may result in an approval, a Request for Evidence (RFE), an outright denial, or a referral for a fraud investigation. In addition, the Premium Processing Unit offers a dedicated telephone number and direct email address for assistance or inquiries. If the Service is unable to meet the deadline, the fee will be refunded and the case will continue to be handled in the Premium Processing Unit.

A new Premium Processing application (Form I-907) will be made available on the USCIS website this week, and must be used for ANY Premium Processing requests filed on or after August 28.

The availability of Premium Processing for these categories of I-140’s may be especially valuable for applicants who will require extensions of H-1B status beyond the normal six year limit. H-1B workers with an approved I-140 who are unable to file for adjustment of status due to quota backlogs may be able to seek an H-1B extension in increments of up to three years