Practice Overview

Our practice is focused primarily on employment based and family based immigration.

We represent clients seeking temporary (nonimmigrant) or permanent (immigrant, or “green card”) status in the U.S. based on offers of employment (and in some cases without an offer of employment on the basis of superior qualifications), or based on a relationship to a U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident. However, we also represent clients seeking advice with any variety of temporary visa, retention of Lawful Permanent Resident status, naturalization, certificates of citizenship, I-9 employment eligibility verification and virtually any other type of immigration matter with the exception of complex asylum or deportation matters.

Employment Based Immigration

In many cases we are retained by employers to obtain benefits for a foreign national to allow that person to come to, or remain in the U.S. to work for that employer. We have developed longstanding relationships with many organizations who routinely ask for our assistance on a regular basis. We also welcome inquiries from potential employers who need assistance for a single case. Often foreign nationals consult with us initially and then arrange for their employer to retain our firm to process their case.

Having handled thousands of cases during the past 25 years we have acquired in depth experience with a variety of employers, from large multinational companies to startup ventures to family owned businesses, in such diverse industries as biotechnology, software, computers, electronics, engineering, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, architecture, law, and management consulting.

We have developed special expertise in the immigration needs of academic institutions including colleges, universities, and secondary schools; health care facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, and medical practice groups; prestigious scientific research institutions; and diverse nonprofit organizations. Professors, scientists, doctors, administrators, technicians, and support staff have all sought our assistance in both temporary and permanent visa matters.

Family Based Immigration

In this area of our practice we assist individuals from all walks of life seeking to reunite their families, or create new families in the U.S.! This has included bringing fiances to the U.S. to marry a U.S. citizen, obtaining green card status in the U.S. on the basis of marriage to a U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident by adjusting status (if the applicant is in the U.S.) or processing immigrant visa applications at U.S. Consulates on every continent, and obtaining permanent status for children including adoptees, stepchildren, and orphans. We frequently assist Conditional Residents with Petitions to Remove Conditions including situations involving separation, divorce, or estrangement from the U.S. citizen Petitioner.

Naturalization and Citizenship

We represent clients in all phases of the naturalization process. This may involve assisting individuals with routine applications as well as more complex matters involving extended absences from the U.S. minor criminal matters, Selective Service issues, or other irregularities. We also counsel and assist clients in the law of derivative citizenship for children born abroad who have at least one U.S. citizen parent.